Steam boiler in Vietnam sugar mill

Steam boiler in Vietnam sugar mill

industrial steam boiler play an important role in vietnam sugar mil. these industrial steam boiler include, biomass boiler, oil gas boiler, coal fired boiler, among these steam boilers, biomass(bagasse) fired boiler are widely using in sugar mill. hence, we call it sugar mill boiler.

Energy in Vietnam sugar mill

The remaining fibrous solids, called bagasse, are burned for fuel in the mill’s steam boilers. These sugar mill steam boilers produce high-pressure steam, which is passed through a turbine to generate electrical energy (cogeneration).
The exhaust steam from the turbine is passed through the multiple effect evaporator station and used to heat vacuum pans in the crystallization stage as well as for other heating purposes in the sugar mill.
3d组选347开奖前后关系 Bagasse makes a sugar mill more than energy self-sufficient; surplus bagasse goes in animal feed, in paper manufacture, or to generate electricity for sale.

Steam boiler in Vietnam sugar mill

steam boiler in vietnam sugar mill

Sugar mill boiler in Vietnam

For many years, sugar mill steam boiler have burned bagasse, the fibrous byproduct of the processing of sugarcane, using special boilers that produce the steam needed to help break down the sugar cane.
As the cost of powering this equipment by burning fossil fuels has steadily risen, the use of biofuel cogeneration as a source of power production has become more prevalent. Many sugar mills have updated their bagasse-fired boilers and linked them to generators that produce electricity used to power the mill’s operations and to be sold to the local power grid.
Optimizing combustion efficiency and achieving cleaner burning throughout the process will generate more electricity and steam, and reduce harmful emissions. These results can be achieved if the equipment used in the cogeneration process is frequently tested using a portable emissions analyzer.

Combustion Efficiency & Safety

3d组选347开奖前后关系measuring the levels of o2 (oxygen), co (carbon monoxide), and cxhy (hydrocarbons) being emitted from biomass(bagasse) fired boilers will inform the mill’s operators if their equipment is burning the biomass cleanly and efficiently. achieving higher efficiency will allow them to minimizing the amount of auxiliary fossil fuel being used to help power the system.

Environmental Emissions

monitoring the co2, so2, and nox emissions from the bagasse boiler system is necessary to ensure compliance with current environmental regulations and to minimize environmental and health hazards. emissions measurements should also be taken before and after the flue gas cleaning system to ensure the efficient elimination of any corrosive components present in the system.

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