LSS vertical water tue steam boiler

LSS vertical water tue steam boiler

LSS Vertical Water Tube Steam Boiler

  • Capacity:0.1-1t/h
  • Pressure: 0.4/0.7Mpa
  • Fuel: Heavy oil, light oil, diesel oil, natural gas, city gas, LPG
  • Application: Light industry, hotels, textile, building materials, farming, food and beverage, plastics and foam, etc.
  • Certificate: ISO, SGS, CE, BV, etc.

Vertical Water Tube Steam Boiler Introduction

the lss series vertical type oil gas fired steam boiler is the patent product of sitong boiler, the patent number is zl 2014 2 0508072.2. the steam boiler is an exquisite small steam capacity (0.1-1tph) equipment. it is three-pass structure steam boiler with top-fired burner. the flame can completely spread from the top to the bottom and burn sufficiently. the gas need to make a three pass heat transfer, so the heat loss is reduced and the thermal efficiency is higher.

Vertical Water Tube Steam Boiler Application

sitong lss series vertical type steam boiler can be wildly used in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, light industry, textile, building materials, farming, food and beverage, plastics and foam, printing & dyeing and washing, rubber processing, paper making, wood processing, hotel, garment leather, etc. this series boiler can also be applied to generate electricity at some districts where electricity power is in short. so are a variety of industrial productions, living and remote areas, and oil field. even they can be used as a power plant boiler start-up.

Sitong LSS vertical type oil gas fired boiler has the following peculiarities:

1.The shell could be stainless steel, the appearance is much more delicate.
2.WE can provide service within 48 hours if any support needed.
3.The technical teams will visit customer for after-sale services every quarter.
4.The 100% NDT make sure the boiler life span more than 20 years.
3d组选347开奖前后关系 5.Special boiler steel plate is used.

Technical Advantages

1. Compact structure, small footprint
The boiler size is minimized based on the precision calculation, on the premise of sufficient output, thus the user can save the space and cost.
2. Sufficient heating
The boiler has large heating area, fully absorb the effective heat, the exhaust gas temperature is low, thermal loss is low, thus it can have sufficient heating.
3. Quick steam production, high steam quality
The boiler can get enough pressured steam within 20 minutes. It adopts steam separator inside the drum to separate steam, to guarantee the steam dryness.
4. Safe operation
The safety performance is higher due to various controlling protection on pressure, water level and over smoke temperature, etc.
5. Quick-loading, easy to install
LSS series boiler is small size quick-loading boiler, vertical type, no special requests on foundation.
6. Environmental protect
3d组选347开奖前后关系 It has the function of dust removal, which makes the soot discharge meet the national environmental standards requirements.

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