Pulp and Paper Industry Boiler

Boiler for Pulp & Paper Processing Industry

Steam is necessary for pulp & paper processing industry3d组选347开奖前后关系. Usually, steam is used for drying to improve the strength and smoothness of paper. The water content of wet paper still as high as 53%~70% after squeezing, and it is not useful by using mechanical stress for anhydration, so, use cast iron dryer to dry paper, cooperate with the use of steam boiler. Except drying, it can also use for corrugated paper processing, and support the use of calender and glue paste roller.

Industrial Boilers Suitable for Paper Processing Industry

  • SZL Biomass Fired Chain Grate Steam Boiler

 SZL Biomass Fired Chain Grate Steam Boiler SZL Biomass Fired Chain Grate Steam Boiler

During the paper processing, there are large amounts of waste materials, biomass fired boiler could use these wastes as fuel, save cost. The splay wall in furnace has the function of dust fall, low air pollution.

  • WNS Oil Gas Fired Fire Tube Steam Boiler

 WNS Oil Gas Fired Fire Tube Steam Boiler WNS Oil Gas Fired Fire Tube Steam Boiler

Oil gas fired boiler is easy for installation, transportation, and operation, because of the automatic control device. It is environmental protection and high thermal efficiency (98%). Choose natural gas or methanol could save the cost on fuel.

  • Circulating Fluidized Bed Steam Boiler

 Circulating Fluidized Bed Steam Boiler  By using circulating fluidized bed steam boiler in small-medium paper processing factory, can not only meet the steam requirement, but deal with the wastes (bark, waste wood material, black liquid) produced during paper processing through combustion. CFB boiler can save both energy and space, also, improve economic benefit.
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