Sitong Boiler is Grate A and Class I and II pressure vessel manufacturer which was approved by State Quality Inspection Administration, Sitong boiler company is devoted to the thermal energy field, taking unremitting efforts to develop efficient, safety, environmental protection, energy saving heating equipment.Sitong boiler with domestic leading heating technology has rich experience and knowledge in design and development.Sitong boiler production base has adopted international standard planning, with reasonable process layout.The modernization of plant and green trees and grass are against,harmony and unity.Beautiful and fresh environment nurture Sitong people, physically and mentally, all the factors lay a solid foundation for creating a famous brand.
3d组选347开奖前后关系 Factories have advance testing equipment and 48 checkpoints and 5 stop indecent combine to ensure a perfect product quality; improve the quality assurance system so that every step, every step linked to employee responsibilities; highly qualified technical team to make each puzzle solved.

The company has a complete range, sophisticated technology. We have many advanced technology of processing,welding,testing and other special equipment and production lines.It includes the CNC flame plasma cutting machine, cutting machine,dig side machine,bending machine, CNC roll trigger, automatic steel pipe cutting machine,drilling machine, automatic submerged arc welding machine,automatic CO2 gas protection welding, argon arc welding machine, thyristor Dc Arc welding/carbon arc gouging welding machine,cranes, welding machine and forklift, x-ray detection machines,ultrasonic flaw detector,universal test machine, automatic metal ingredients analyzer, los hardometer, air tight test, equipment,water pressure test equipment.

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